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We are proud to announce we are splitting off our cookies to it's own product line.

Give Me Back My Cookie! Is all about making cookies the way your mother used to make*. We use the very finest bay area ingredients. We are proud to include Guittard Chocolates, Straus Family Dairy, Giustos Vita-grain Flour, and San Francisco Salt Co. as some of our suppliers. We favor all-natural and organic ingredients when possible and never add any artificial flavoring, preservatives or food chemical to our recipes.

*(actually, we are better than your mother's cookies, but don't tell her.)

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Snowflake Treats makes small batch Artisanal Pot de Creme, a French Inspired dessert custard and other all natural desserts.

We never use preservatives, fillers, and artificial flavorings. Our specialty is creating recipes that pop with amazing flavors that are sure to wow the pallet. Our signature flavor is “Secret Love Potion” A semi-sweet chocolate mousse infused with fresh pour over coffee. Not surprisingly, our vanilla custard is equally popular. Made with fresh dairy from Straus Creamery and real vanilla beans, we felt it only apt to name our product “Sorry, Not Sorry Vanilla”

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What's up with your name? Snowflake?

Our name "Snowflake Treats" comes from a time when Lexi was so appalled that Steve didn't decorate his apartment for the holidays, that she cut up his coffee filters into snowflakes and glued them to the window. Ever since she has been lovingly called "Snowflake". 

Additionally we decided to name the business "Snowflake Treats" because we are both passionate about making desserts that don't use artificial flavors and food chemicals. It only seemed fitted because our desserts are mostly chilled and pure as snow.

Holy Shoot. You really captured the essence of the chocolate. I don't know what else to say, except maybe to use more curse words.  

Jeremey J

San Francisco

About Us

Steve Benjamin


The Snowflake Treats brand stands for amazing tasting All Natural Desserts. We make desserts for people with all dietary concerns and we take this very seriously. We believe no matter what your concerns are, you should have great tasting dessert that are free of artificial flavoring and food chemicals. Our Aloha is a dairy free vegan dessert tastes so good it is our second best seller. And our Tag you're It, Sugar free dessert is often purchased by people, just because they like the taste.


We are located at 4 Embarcadero Center. In the alley between Embarcadero Center and the Hyatt Regency. Next to Lydia's Flowers.


4 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, 94111

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